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Winter Wonderland

A little preview of the wonderful Jo and Nick’s special day. I’ll admit it was a challenging one – with a 3pm wedding in December, the light was fading fast during the ceremony. Luckily everything else worked in my favour… a beautiful bride and groom, very happy guests and a not too chilly, not too rainy winters day! I actually love the duskiness of the light straight after the ceremony… I just managed to sneak a few shots in before it disappeared altogether. A beautiful reception at the elegant Anstey Hall near Cambridge ended a simply lovely day.

J+N_0034Happy guests1 J+N_0083 J+N_0135 J+N_0143 J+N_0147 J+N_0182 J+N_0187 J+N_0192J+N_0209 J+N_0222 J+N_0233 J+N_0262J+N_0277 J+N_0271 J+N_0281 J+N_0286 J+N_0383J+N_0394 J+N_0400 J+N_0423 J+N_0441 J+N_0464J+N_0511 J+N_0493 J+N_0495Happy guests2Happy guests3J+N_0597 J+N_0696J+N_0679 J+N_0715 J+N_0725 J+N_0759Happy guests5 J+N_0774 J+N_0836 J+N_0853 J+N_0863 J+N_0891 Happy guests6 J+N_0909 J+N_0949J+N_0895

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