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Beautifully British…

Sophie and George’s wedding was elegant, sophisticated and beautifully British! A wonderful example of how to do a country wedding in style… with a subtle colour theme which oozed elegance, a simplicity which created an air of sophistication and an attention to detail which injected character and personality. The champagne flowed, the entertainment kept giving and the laughter got louder. I hope the photos give a hint how this all came together in one brilliant day!

S+G_0011 Happy guests1S+G_0038 S+G_0060 S+G_0085 S+G_0138 S+G_0153 Happy guests2 copy S+G_0269 S+G_0274 S+G_0294 S+G_0302 S+G_0318 S+G_0322 S+G_0327 S+G_0332   S+G_0483 S+G_0493 S+G_0504 S+G_0513 S+G_0530 S+G_0540 S+G_0552 S+G_0579 S+G_0582 S+G_0586 S+G_0597 S+G_0613 S+G_0623 S+G_0647 S+G_0666 S+G_0686 S+G_0694 S+G_0703 S+G_0716 S+G_0754 S+G_0775  S+G_0782 S+G_0792 S+G_0860 S+G_0875 S+G_0915 S+G_0950 Happy guests3 copyS+G_0960 S+G_0995 S+G_1008  S+G_1025 S+G_1031 S+G_1035 S+G_1055 S+G_1134 S+G_1137 S+G_1145 S+G_1148 S+G_1151 S+G_1163 S+G_1166 S+G_1214 Happy guests4 copyS+G_1221DSC_4479  DSC_4567 DSC_4561 DSC_4559 DSC_4558 DSC_4550 DSC_4548 DSC_4526DSC_4586DSC_4634



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