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Simple pleasures…

Picking blackberries, blowing bubbles and playing with sticks are some of those simple pleasures in life that never fail to evoke nostalgia of family and childhood. In fact blackberry picking is still a strong feature of a family walk for me at this time of year – I’m not sure you can ever grow out of the pleasure of finding a big fat juicy blackberry and eating it, for free?!! It was adorable to watch 3 year old Ollie analyse each blackberry and carefully avoid the brambles to pick the right one, showing all the traits of his parents determination in life!

Ollie was a little bundle of energy and little Beth blissfully content with lying back and observing her older brother in all his mayhem, in awe. She has a wonderful smile that would brighten up anyone’s day, and Ollie plays protective older brother just brilliantly. A lovely little family – Sally it was great to see you all so happy and the little one’s growing up to become brilliant little personalities! These are just a snippet of our morning out in Wandsworth Common…

Maclean_017 Maclean_013Maclean_021 Maclean_035 Maclean_029_cMaclean_052 Maclean_048Maclean_057 Maclean_065 Maclean_070 Maclean_082 Maclean_088 Maclean_094 Maclean_095 Maclean_104 Maclean_113 Maclean_127 Maclean_139 Maclean_149 Maclean_165 Maclean_170 Maclean_184 Maclean_194 Maclean_195 Maclean_205 Maclean_207 Maclean_214 Maclean_216

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