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Country or Urban?!

If you can’t choose which to go for… why not have both?!

Kat and Gareth combined rural and urban in a brilliantly relaxed and special two day wedding. They fully embraced both, with beautiful English country garden style on the Friday and real traditional London grandeur on the Saturday. Plus, Kat, you got to dress up in your stunning dress two days in a row!

The country wedding
Friday’s wedding was lovely, personal, low-key and relaxed, out in the shires of Oxford. The natural smiles say it all…

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The urban wedding
In fantastic contrast to Friday’s wedding, Kat and Gareth renewed their vows and celebrated in real traditional London style with friends and family. With the pressure of the actual marriage ceremony off, relaxed and happy were the order of the day, right from the start. You guys were a pleasure to photograph… although my highlight was you being preached to and given flyer as a wedding present by a random passer by in the street outside (spot the photo!)…


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