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Stokey Nuptials

One of my favourite weddings I’ve photographed… Andrew and Gemma you embraced the East London style brilliantly and had the most refreshing attitude to the day. Your lighthearted-ness (if that’s a word) really shone through in the photographs and set the tone for the day and I’ve no doubt well into the evening (still gutted I didn’t come on and join you guys for a drink!). Here’s a little taster for you before we catch up next week…

A+G_0002 A+G_0008 A+G_0016 A+G_0052 A+G_0057 A+G_0058 A+G_0081 A+G_0089 A+G_0098 A+G_0116 A+G_0154 A+G_0193 A+G_0216 A+G_0303 A+G_0360 A+G_0390 A+G_0393 A+G_0394 A+G_0427 A+G_0435 A+G_0443 A+G_0454 A+G_0536 A+G_0562 A+G_0575

Happy guests3A+G_0620 A+G_0668 A+G_0639

Happy guests4 A+G_0719A+G_0753Happy guests5

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