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Christmas Come Early…

Gemma and Paul – you clearly know how to host a party, and your guests clearly know how to party! A lot of smiles and laughter all day… and I think the photos are evidence of that!

I’m not going to lie… winter weddings are a challenge. With various back-up plans and lighting set-ups in my head, I never dare to hope for a day like Gemma and Paul’s. It was a perfectly crisp clear day with beautiful soft afternoon sunlight, stunning. And Gemma and Paul – you were brilliant fun to photograph and wanted exactly the style of photography I love – natural, quick and fun!

It was a pleasure to photograph… here’s a few to show off over Christmas.

Enjoy your first Christmas as Mr & Mrs 🙂 x

G+P_01 G+P_02 G+P_03G+P_04 G+P_04a G+P_06 G+P_06a G+P_07 G+P_07a G+P_08 G+P_09 G+P_09a G+P_9v G+P_14b G+P_15 G+P_16 G+P_17 G+P_18 G+P_19 G+P_20 G+P_21 G+P_22G+P_23 G+P_25 G+P_26 G+P_27 G+P_28 G+P_29 G+P_30 G+P_31 G+P_32  G+P_34G+P_33 G+P_35 G+P_36 G+P_37 G+P_38 G+P_39 G+P_39a G+P_40 G+P_41 G+P_42 G+P_43 G+P_43a G+P_44 G+P_45 G+P_46 G+P_47 G+P_48


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